Job Offers and Vacancies on a Cruise Ship and in Hotels for Singers
Check out our list of vacancies and job offers for talented singers looking for opportunities in the cruise ship industry.
Looking for exciting opportunities as a singer in the cruise ship industry? We offer a range of cruise ship vacancies for singers, including show singer, lead singer, and background vocalist positions. From luxury liners to themed cruises, we have vacancies to suit every singer's unique talents and interests. Contact us today to learn more about our cruise ship vacancies for singers and take the first step towards a dream career on the high seas.

Job vacancies for singers

We offer a diverse range of positions, including lead singer for luxury yachts, show singer for cruise ships, theme park singer, lounge singer for hotels, and solo singer for corporate events. The following vacancies are just a few examples of the exciting opportunities we have available for singers at Artists Provider.
  1. Lead Singer for Luxury Yacht: We are seeking an experienced vocalist to perform on a luxury yacht for high-end clients. The ideal candidate will have a diverse repertoire and be able to engage with guests.
  2. Show Singer for Cruise Ship: Work as a show singer on a luxury cruise ship and perform in Broadway-style productions to audiences from around the world. The ideal candidate will have strong vocal skills and the ability to dance and act.
  3. Theme Park Singer: We are looking for a dynamic and energetic singer to perform in live shows at a popular theme park. The ideal candidate will have experience in musical theater and the ability to perform a variety of genres.
  4. Lounge Singer for Hotel: We are seeking a talented vocalist to perform in the lounge of a high-end hotel. The ideal candidate will have a smooth and sultry voice, and the ability to perform a mix of jazz, and pop music.

These are just a few examples of the exciting vacancies available to singers through Artists Provider. You can find our latest vacancies and casting calls on our Facebook Page.
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Musicians wanted onboard cruise ship
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