How to apply for Cruise, Hotel, or Restaurant musician job

Follow these simple steps to get your best job as musician

We are always on the lookout for the following performers:

Party bands, jazz bands, jazz pianists, singing pianists, singing guitarists, lounge duos, lounge trios, singers, DJs, classical musicians, string quartets, jazz singers, and more.

Our latest vacancies and casting calls you can find on our Facebook page.

How to apply

Please fill out this form or email us with the following materials:

  1. Performance videos: include links to YouTube or Google Drive of your studio reel and live performance reel.
  2. Photos: share with us a group photo of all current band members and photos of each band member. You may send these as attached files or through Google Drive.
  3. CVs: Please provide updated CVs for all band members.
  4. Repertoire: your list of songs in .pdf format.

We kindly request that you submit all necessary information in a single email. We don't publish artists' work on our portfolio page without their permission.

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