Lounge Duos for Cruise and Hotel Jobs

Jazz and lounge duos: pianist and singer, or guitarist and singer

Discover a roster of guitar or piano-based vocal duos, each bringing a distinct style to enrich the atmosphere of your venue. Whether it's a sophisticated background for a hotel, an intimate setting for a restaurant, or lively performances for a cruise ship, our talented duos cater to a range of musical preferences.

Sam & Meg

Location: United Kingdom

Sam and Meg are a versatile duo trained in Musical Theatre, offering a variety of headline acts including Movie Musicals, Rock, Diva Classics, and Pop. Megan, the lead vocalist, and Sam, on vocals and piano, present an engaging performance spanning genres from Pop to Jazz, from the 50s to the present. They are available as an acoustic lounge duo and offer a repertoire with or without tracks.

Their experience includes performances at various venues such as Stop Café Shropshire Charity Fundraiser, Corporate Christmas Events, Costa Fortuna Cruise as Guest Theatre Headliner, Brittany Ferries, Seasons London, Dorchester Hotel London, and The Londoner Hotel.

Megan has appeared in various musical productions including "Fit the Musical," "Scott Alan in Concert," "The Attic," "No Limits: A Song Cycle," and "Bad Girls: The Musical."

Sam has a wealth of experience as a Musical Director and Writer, with credits including "My name is Gef," "Fit The Musical," and "Told you I was Sick." He has also served as Musical Director for productions such as "American Idiot," "No Limits," and "Midsummer Nights Dream." His training includes London College of Contemporary Music and Brit School Of Performing Arts.

Evelina & Pablo

Location: Argentina

Evelina, a talented singer from Rosario, Argentina, has lent her voice and charisma to jazz groups, big bands, and a diverse repertoire including tango, soul, pop, and R&B. Her debut album earned a nomination at the prestigious "Gardel Awards," and she has graced renowned theaters in Argentina. Notably, Evelina has shared the stage with international artists like Diego El Cigala and Fito Páez. Pablo, a virtuoso pianist, skillfully merges jazz, classical, and contemporary influences, creating unique sonic landscapes. His technical and improvisational skills have earned him awards, including the 'Jazz Album of the Year' award in Japan and the 'Best Jazz Album' award at the Rosario Edita Awards in 2021.

M&M Duo

Location: UK

M&B, a British acoustic pop duo, offers a unique musical experience for cruise ship engagements. With dual vocals, an acoustic guitar featuring a loop station and pedal board, M&B brings an authentic and diverse repertoire to the stage. Having performed at high-end venues worldwide, their style avoids clichés, delivering creative covers with dual lead vocals and impressive guitar arrangements. Their versatility shines through in adapting to different settings – from upbeat sets for grand stages to laid-back unplugged sessions. M&B has played for diverse audiences, gaining attention from BBC and other radio stations for their original music releases. Their notable clientele includes Mandarin Oriental, St Regis, Hilton Park Lane, Intercontinental Hotel, and more. Musicians seeking cruise ship jobs will find M&B's unique blend of talent and adaptability an enriching addition to onboard entertainment. The duo's global acclaim and diverse experiences make them a compelling choice for those looking to elevate the musical atmosphere at sea.

Major Feels

Location: United Kingdom

Juan, a skilled multi-instrumentalist with professional experience since 2012, brings his unique musical prowess to every stage. Holding a music degree, he excels in sight-reading and improvisation. His recent role as the bassist in a jazz quartet aboard the NCL Breakaway highlights his adaptability and proficiency in various genres. Complementing Juan's instrumental expertise is Sereta, a vocalist and instrumentalist captivating audiences for over a decade. While her focus has been on long-term international contracts, she boasts a diverse portfolio – from headlining festivals and playing theatre shows for large audiences (including Six the Musical and Burn The Floor) to serving as a session musician. Notably, Sereta has showcased her bass skills with original artists like Gloria Gaynor. Together, Juan and Sereta form a dynamic duo, ideal for hotel jobs for duos. Their collective experience, spanning genres and international stages, ensures a captivating and professional musical presence for any venue or event.

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