Here’s why we believe working with us is a game-changer for your entertainment:
Thanks to years of collaboration with multiple venues, we possess clear communication skills and a professional attitude. We know all the pitfalls and complications that can arise when booking entertainment schedules, providing you with a seasoned partner to manage your entertainment diary and future projects.
Sereta Duo, United Kingdom
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Helmed by a former cruise ship musician, our agency brings a deep understanding of the cruise and hotel entertainment industry. We go out of our way to monitor all of the artists that we supply and constantly listen to all of our venues feedback's. This helps us to provide what we believe to be a first-class service, and we have dozens of satisfied venues across the globe.
Kennedy Band, USA, Argentina
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Imagine a partnership that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them, and make the choice that ensures your entertainment is not just remembered but celebrated. Submit your inquiry →
Our extensive network in Spain means that our opportunities to attract artists are boundless. Situated in Spain, we open doors to exclusive talents from the region. From Barcelona to Tenerife, we can seamlessly integrate these talents into your cruise entertainment lineup, offering a truly impressive experience for your guests. Our extensive network in Eastern Europe is one of our strategic advantages: we speak the language of collaboration, ensuring seamless communication with Eastern European artists.
Yulia Simonova, Russia
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Upholding principles of transparency and flexibility, we adapt to your vision and standards, ensuring a partnership that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
Memo Tunes Jazz Band
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The natural choice for the exceptional talent
Knowledge as Empowerment
We go beyond being a talent agency; we’re a source of knowledge and inspiration for artists. By openly sharing valuable information, we empower them to navigate and succeed in their careers. Our dedication to artist success is reflected in the visibility of our pages, ranking high on both social and search engines.
Marina Cherstnova, Ukraine
Pianists →
More than Job Listings
We don’t merely promote vacancies; we ignite curiosity and passion for the unique lifestyle that cruise and hotel jobs offer. Through strategic communication, we elucidate the outstanding benefits of this career choice, making every collaboration an enriching journey for the artists.
DJ Helen, Ukraine
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It’s a commitment to a shared journey where success is not just measured by applause but by the enduring satisfaction and loyalty of the artists we proudly represent.
A Unique Media Image
Our media presence is a reflection of love and care toward artists, and artists, sensitive to authenticity, respond to our vibes with an overwhelming sense of reciprocity. Talents recognize us not just as a talent agency but as a partner who genuinely cares about their well-being and success.
Continuous Collaboration as a Testament
Once artists embark on a collaboration with Artists Provider, they don’t just see it as a job; they view it as a friendship. Their willingness to continue and deepen our partnership speaks volumes about the satisfaction derived from working with us.
James Halloran, Australia
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In a world where collaboration defines success, make the choice that resonates not just with you but with the most talented artists around the globe. Submit your inquiry →

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