Cruise and Hotel Job Opportunities for Singing Pianists

Check out our list of vacancies for piano singers: from performing at luxury hotels to entertaining on cruise ships.

Versatile Piano Singers on Cruise Ships

Piano singers on cruise ships are the unsung heroes of onboard entertainment. They provide a diverse musical experience, from soothing background tunes during daytime tea or coffee gatherings to high-energy evening performances that get passengers dancing. In this article, we'll explore the multifaceted role of piano singers aboard cruise ships, and the wide-ranging repertoire they must master.

Daytime Ambiance
During daylight hours, singing pianists set the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable cruise experience. Their soothing melodies create the perfect backdrop for passengers as they savor their meals or sip on beverages. The ability to play relaxing and diverse tunes is a hallmark of a skilled cruise ship pianist.
Romantic Serenades
Cruise ships often cater to couples seeking a romantic getaway. Piano vocalists must be well-versed in delivering heartwarming, slow-tempo compositions to set the mood for lovebirds on board. Creating a romantic ambiance is a vital aspect of a cruise ship pianist's role.

The German Advantage
For cruise ships catering to German-speaking guests, having a pianist who can communicate in German is a significant advantage. It not only enhances the guest experience but also opens up more job opportunities on German cruise ships and luxury yachts. Being able to sing in German is a valuable skill that can set a piano singer apart in this competitive industry.

High-Energy Evenings
As the sun sets and the night comes alive, singing pianists shift gears to provide dynamic, dance-worthy performances. Their repertoire spans across the musical spectrum, from retro classics to contemporary hits.

Our singing pianists onboard cruise lines live a unique and exciting lifestyle. They have the opportunity to travel the world, perform for diverse audiences, and enjoy all the amenities and activities that come with being a staff member or guest on a luxury cruise ship. With comfortable cabins, delicious meals, and access to onboard entertainment and recreation, our pianists can focus on what they love most - sharing beautiful music and making unforgettable memories. Start your journey by filling out this form
Lavik is a singer who plays piano and works onboard Disney Cruise Lines

Job opportunities for piano vocalists

Our team works tirelessly to share with artists the best job opportunities in the cruise and hotel industry, and we are excited to describe some of our latest offerings for singing pianists.

These vacancies are currently available:

  1. Resident singing pianist at luxury hotel in Dubai: We are seeking an experienced piano vocalist to perform nightly in the hotel's upscale lounge. Accommodation and meals provided, US cruise ship line fee level. To apply for any of our job positions, it’s important to provide several performance videos.

  1. Singing Pianist for Cruise Yacht: Work as a piano vocalist on a luxury cruise yacht. Enjoy complementary Wi-Fi, meals, and comfortable single accommodation.

These are just two examples of the exciting vacancies available to singing pianists through Artists Provider. Contact us today to learn more about these and other opportunities in the music industry. Having several good-quality performance videos is crucial for all our vacancies.

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