Singing guitarists for Cruise Ships

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Location: Italy

Alfio is a skilled singer with extensive experience in musicals and various TV shows in Italy. His captivating performances have mesmerized audiences, showcasing his vocal prowess and adept guitar skills. Alfio, a guitarist with a passion for captivating performances, is actively seeking work opportunities for musicians provided by our international agency. Alfio is particularly interested in roles as a guitarist or vocalist on cruise ships.

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Location: Brazil

This singing guitarist possesses a repertoire that aligns with the typical demands of cruise ships. The repertoire encompasses popular musical compositions in English, ranging from contemporary hits to nostalgic retro selections. Equipped with essential documents required for cruise ship work, such as a Safety Certificate, medical examination clearance, and up-to-date vaccinations, this versatile singing guitarist is fully prepared for success in the cruise ship industry.


Location: United Kingdom

Elevate the entertainment experience on cruise ships by choosing this talented guitarist, whose dynamic performances captivate audiences of all tastes. With a rich musical range, from soulful ballads to energetic rock anthems, Stephen is the perfect addition to the lively atmosphere of cruise ship entertainment.

Cruise ship job oportunities for guitarists

Looking for cruise ship work as a guitarist? Our agency opens the door to a plethora of opportunities for both vocal and non-vocal guitarists. Cruise contracts typically span 4 to 6 months, offering a chance to fully immerse in a friendly, vibrant onboard atmosphere. Guitarists enjoy full provisions, including accommodations and meals.

Embarking on a cruise guitarist role involves diverse musical styles, such as pop tunes backed by tracks, or acoustic lounge melodies. To embark on this exciting journey, a brief medical examination is required. This is because the cruise guitarist position encompasses safety-related responsibilities, like aiding guests to muster stations in emergencies.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of cruise ship work as a singing guitarist, we encourage you to take the first step by submitting an application. You can do so by either filling out the provided form or sending an email containing videos of your performances, photographs, your resume, and a repertoire list. Apply today for cruise ship gigs for professional guitar players.