How to Land Cruise Ship Musician Jobs

The comprehensive handbook for musicians keen on cruise ship performances
Are you a musician longing for a career that combines your passion for music with the excitement of travel? In this go-to manual for crafting a successful cruise ship musician career, we aim to provide you with some insider tips and tricks that will help you get the best artist opportunities presented by the world of cruise ship entertainment.

Identify the musical format that suits your skills and preferences


The cruise ship and hotel industry is expansive, with various genres and performance formats, including duets, bands, and solo acts. The earnings can range from a minimum to substantial figures. To tap into this world, it's essential to understand the formats required by different venues.

Begin by exploring our agency's website, where you'll find articles detailing cruise ship entertainment jobs and the specific musical formats sought by our partner venues. By delving into our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as perusing the latest job postings on our website, musicians can gain insights into the currently sought-after formats. Our artist catalog, featuring videos, song selections, and brief descriptions of each musician's cruise ship experience, serves as a good guide to prevalent musical formats onboard cruise ships.

Visit our website's dedicated artist catalog section to witness firsthand the diversity of musical formats and performances. Each artist's video highlights, song choices, and previous cruise ship experience offer a comprehensive overview of the industry's demands. Our artist descriptions detail each musician's cruise ship journey, shedding light on their prior work in the industry. Understanding their experiences can guide you in aligning your skills and preferences with the current demands of cruise ship industry.

Choosing a format

  1. When talking about musicians on cruise ships, it generally refers to them playing cover songs. Until you become a superstar, your original music is unlikely to be in demand.
  2. Leverage your strengths and strive to cover various musical genres. Do you excel in performing several music genres like pop, Latin, and jazz? By creating performance videos featuring different genres, you can apply for several cruise ship music jobs.
  3. Don't attempt to create an original lineup by including instruments that are not typically required in the lineup. You may not fit the cruise line's requirements.
  4. Most of the musical formats we're hiring for don't require using backing tracks.
  5. You can read about our band vacancies where we outline the number of musicians, musical format, and the instruments that should be present in the ensemble.

Whether you're a professional working as a musician on a cruise ship or a newcomer to the cruise ship entertainment scene, our website and social media provides a dynamic resource for staying updated on industry preferences and navigating the world of entertainment at sea. Explore, learn, and find your perfect match in the world of cruise ship musician gigs.

Capture the Perfect Performance


Once you've chosen your format, connect with fellow musicians through local Facebook groups, bulletin boards, or our Facebook communities. Suppose you're a jazz vocalist, for example. In that case, you can find a pianist and make a lounge duo. Communicate, select a repertoire, and prepare a video showcasing your performance, a crucial element for catching the eye of agencies for musicians like ours.

Remember, quality video material is crucial. Capture your performances in high-quality videos and take professional photos. Many musicians underestimate the importance of fresh, quality video content, yet it often plays a pivotal role in securing positions as hiring processes primarily occur online.

To ensure your video stands out, consider these key elements:

Studio rehearsals

Rent a rehearsal studio that corresponds with the quality of your performance. Having a professional studio allows you to fine-tune your performance before recording the video to apply for one of our cruise ship jobs for musicians.

Optimal recording techniques

When recording your performance, ensure good visibility and audibility. Proper lighting and clear audio are essential. Musicians can achieve this with basic video equipment such as an iPhone, or opt for professional studio-grade equipment for higher quality.

Record your gigs

Purchase a phone tripod and consistently utilize it whenever you perform at gigs. This will help you to keep updated your life performance portfolio. As you age and may no longer actively play, these videos will bring you joy as you reminisce about your musical journey.

Navigating the recording process is crucial for creating an impactful submission. Frame your video properly, ensuring your entire ensemble is visible. Showcase the interaction and chemistry between band members. Invest in a quality microphone to capture clear audio. Well-balanced sound is helpful to presenting your musical prowess. Basic video editing skills can enhance your submission: trim unnecessary sections, and highlight your strengths.

Your Stage Presence


Create a visually appealing experience for potential employers. Consider the following tips when preparing for your video:

For Bands

Ensure coordination in attire. Opt for evening wear, monotone shirts, or outfits that complement each other. This reflects the professionalism and unified stage presence of your band. Whether you have a Jazz Band or a professional 5-piece Party Band, your presence on the performance video reel might influence cruise line casting managers when they make their decision.

For Solo Acts

Choose sophisticated, stage-appropriate attire. Avoid casual wear, opting instead for outfits that align with the ambiance of a cruise ship performance. Emphasize modesty and elegance. Avoid overly revealing or excessively short dresses. Opt for styles that convey sophistication and comfort for a stage performance.

Showcase different styles

Use the video to display a range of outfit choices. This helps potential employers envision the versatility of your act, catering to different cruise ship audiences and locations.

Grooming matters

Pay attention to grooming. Ensure well-kept hair, tidy appearances, and overall cleanliness. A polished look enhances your professionalism and appeal.

Remember, your visual presentation is often the first impression you make on potential employers. By paying attention to these details, you not only showcase your professionalism but also demonstrate your commitment to delivering a complete, polished performance as part of the cruise ship entertainment.

Craft the Perfect Application


When applying for musician jobs through our agency, presenting a comprehensive and compelling portfolio is key. Here are essential tips to ensure your application stands out:

Your short introduction

When reaching out to us, consider including a concise self-introduction to provide a quick glimpse into your background and aspirations:

• Add the type of your act to the email's title

The short introduction serves as a friendly opening to your application, allowing us to quickly grasp essential details about you:

• Country of origin

• Your previous cruise ship or hotel experience

Share if you’ve previously worked on cruise ships or in hotels. A quick overview of your experience helps us understand your familiarity with the industry.

• Contact details

Provide the best way to reach you promptly. Whether it’s through email or phone, clear contact details facilitate efficient communication.

• Video showcase (YouTube/Google Drive links. Do not attach as files)

Provide multiple high-quality video performances. Include both studio recordings and live performances to highlight your adaptability and stage presence. Please take the time and share with us as many performance videos as you can: short, vertical clips from Instagram are also welcome. These snippets give a quick glimpse into your style and charisma. We kindly request you upload videos to platforms such as YouTube or Google Drive and provide links to these videos. For each link, you may add a description, specifying the songs featured in the video, the set-up, or the genre in which you perform. Please refrain from attaching video files directly to the email, as we would need to download them to view.

• Photographic portfolio (Attached as files, or as a Google Drive link)

You can include photos in different settings, not just on stage: take the time and add some images from your social media. The optimal quantity of photos is 5-7. Showcase the personality and expressions to give a well-rounded view of who you are to consider more efficiently your musical talent for cruise line musician jobs.

• CV (Attached PDF file)

Crafting a resume is important for cruise ship musicians. Include key details such as your citizenship, current residence, educational background, and work experience. Highlight musical skills, your performance formats, and additional experiences like hosting concerts, familiarity with sound equipment, ability to use loopers, voice synthesizers, management experience, etc. For crafting a beautiful CV, we can recommend the webpage Canva.

• Songlist (Attached PDF file)

The repertoire should consist of approximately 200 pieces, organized into categories such as Latin music, party classics, recent hits, rock, and so forth.

Please don't call us until we invite you for a call.

By adhering to these guidelines, you not only enhance your chances of securing cruise opportunities but also demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and excellence in the world of cruise ship performances. Submit your application today and achieve success in the world cruise ship musician jobs!