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DJ Minx

Location: USA

DJ Minx, the "Purveyor of Good Energy," is a Miami-based DJ known for her captivating fusion of house, trance, indie, and vibrant tropical sounds. With over a decade of experience, she draws inspiration from DJ Skrillex's debut EP and has formalized her craft at institutions like the Scratch Academy and Miami DJ Academy.

Specializing in hotel performances, DJ Minx's brand, "DJ Minx Got Vibes," reflects her commitment to positive energy through music. Actively seeking opportunities in hotels and on cruise ships, DJ Minx guarantees an unforgettable and versatile performance for diverse audiences.


Location: Ukraine

Setting dance floors ablaze since 2013, DJ Helen is a powerhouse performer with a global footprint. Having showcased her talent in over 15 countries, including Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, UAE, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Tajikistan, and more, she stands out as an international sensation.

Helen is not just a DJ; she is an integral part of the Hard Candies DJ team, headlining Asia's largest music festivals like Sunburn and EVC. Her association with India's premier electronic music brands, including "Sunburn," "Supersonic," and "EVC," solidifies her status as a sought-after artist in the electronic music scene.

Her journey includes a residency at the international radio station NRJ, where she hosted the exclusive urban|r'n'b show "BBQ Villa" with an impressive listenership of over 30 million from 2016 to 2021. Prior to that, Helen was a resident of the "Let's Go Music Radio Show" on the DJFM radio station from 2013 to 2014.

Helen's electrifying performances are not limited to festivals and radio shows. She has left her mark at renowned venues worldwide, such as Kuda Vilingili Resort in the Maldives, Rixos Bab Al Bahr Hotel in the UAE, and many more hotel jobs for DJs.

As a seasoned DJ with a diverse international experience, DJ Helen continues to push the boundaries of creativity, delivering breathtaking sets that leave audiences in awe.

DJ Alenushka

Location: Russia

With a rich six-year journey in the global music scene, this versatile DJ has left an indelible mark across diverse destinations such as China, Cambodia, Russia, Dubai, and the Maldives. Armed with an open-format approach, their skillful mastery extends across a spectrum of musical styles, including Pop, Commercial, EDM, Techno, Lounge, Deep, House, Reggaeton, Afro, Hip-Hop, and more.

Having honed her craft in a myriad of settings, this DJ is no stranger to the pulsating atmosphere of clubs, the refined ambiance of premium restaurants, the energetic vibe of events, the social scene of bars, and the luxury of hotels. With a musical prowess that transcends boundaries and a wealth of experience in captivating audiences worldwide, DJ Alenushka promises to elevate any occasion to a sonic adventure.

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