Hotel and Cruise Ship Job Opportunities for Pianists in 2024

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From playing in luxury hotels in Qatar and renowned restaurants in Dubai to setting sail as a Hotel Cocktail Pianist or joining a Pianist Cruise Ship Job on American cruise liners, Artists Provider offers diverse opportunities for piano players. Explore a 3-month residency in Dubai, navigate the high seas, or grace the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Create a balanced piano performer career that resonates on stages worldwide, and let your piano keys open doors to unique experiences. Working and living conditions may vary from those outlined in this article.
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Cruise Ship Cocktail Pianist Job

Consider becoming a Cruise Ship Musician: from creating a background atmosphere to delivering full-fledged concerts, this vacancy offers a diverse range of musical experiences.

Cruise ship companies not only provide you with a place for your musical prowess but also offer attractive benefits, including accommodation, meals, and unique experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Learn more about cruise ship musicians' working environment.

During this Cocktail Pianist Job, you’ll have the option of a single cabin or shared living arrangements. Fuel your days with a buffet-style feast in the crew mess, and as the sun sets, connect with fellow shipmates from around the globe at the onboard crew bar. It’s a chance to make music, forge friendships, and explore the world while sailing the high seas.

Whether you require assistance with visa procedures, Skype interviews, safety training, or medical documentation, we stand by our artists. Our commitment is to make the artist's journey pleasant, ensuring that from the initial application to the completion of the contract, every detail is taken care of. Apply now for this pianist job, and let our team pave the way for your success.

Qatar's Five-Star Hotel Job - Lounge Pianist

This hotel job for pianists is not just an employment opportunity; it's an invitation to shape a musical experience that resonates in the hearts of hotel guests. Here are the highlights of this vacancy:

The gig spans every three months starting from Mar. 7, 2024, offering flights, visas, and a fully furnished 2-bedroom single apartment. You’ll perform four 45-minute sets daily, enjoying a weekly day off. Meals are covered, ensuring you’re well-fed during your musical engagement. The job promises a blend of musical fulfillment and a comfortable living experience. If interested, apply now to join this musical residency.

Jazz Pianist Job in Dubai

Embark on a 3-month musical journey in Dubai, bringing your piano skills to the stage of a prominent restaurant near the iconic Burj Khalifa. Commencing every three months, this opportunity offers a comprehensive package, including flights, transfers, and accommodation. Enjoy the comfort of a single room with a private bathroom for each band member in a new residence, complete with shared kitchen facilities fostering camaraderie.

Take advantage of the residence's amenities, including a swimming pool and gym, providing a touch of relaxation to your daily routine. Your commute is made convenient with reimbursed daily taxi costs to the venue and back, approximately 10 minutes each way.

Collaborate within a jazz quartet setup that includes a singer, pianist (that's you!), drummer, and double bassist, promising a dynamic and enriching musical journey.

Apply now to be a key player in this ensemble, where your piano keys will create unforgettable moments near the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Cruise Ship Band - Auditions for Pianists

Dive into a 4-6 month musical journey as a House Band Musician on American cruise liners. To land this role, you'll need to audition online: exceptional sight-reading skills and ability to play solos are a must.

Embarking on a career as a Cruise Ship Band Pianist is a rewarding musical journey, and at Artists Provider, we guide artists every step of the way. From submitting your application on our website to concluding your contract, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience.

Cruise ship gig for professional band pianists - it's a chance to be part of the ship's friendly team. Apply today and show your skills in the online audition for the cruise ship gig.

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